Abolish the Jim Crow Filibuster!

Abolish the Jim Crow Filibuster!

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    Erie, PA
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    A reporter recently asked me, if I were elected to the U.S. Senate, would I support ending the filibuster?

    My answer was: Hell yes.

    Twitter screenshot: Fetterman saying "can confirm"

    Let me tell you why. The filibuster is an outdated, undemocratic Senate procedure and a Jim Crow relic. It’s been used by segregationists to stall the passage of landmark civil rights bills — and it’s being weaponized again today as Republicans threaten to block urgent priorities like raising the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.

    In order to meet this moment and pass the bold policies that working people across our country are demanding, we NEED to get rid of the filibuster. Add your name if you’re with me, Tevis:


    The filibuster is undemocratic at its core.

    There is absolutely no reason that *one* Senator should be allowed to stall — or even outright block — the kind of urgent policies that working people have advocated, organized, and voted for.

    From the $15 minimum wage, to defending and expanding voting rights, to tackling the climate crisis, it’ll take ending the filibuster to get these kinds of things done. That’s why I’m asking:

    Will you add your name next to mine if you agree that it’s time to abolish the filibuster? It’s a racist, undemocratic relic of the past, and it’s time to pass the bold progress Americans voted for.

    Thanks for all you do,


    John Fetterman
    Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

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    Republicans know the biggest threat to their power are people like you, dear reader. That’s why the chair of the Texas Republican Party has called on the legislature to prioritize voter suppression bills; why the Pennsylvania legislature is considering voter I.D. laws; why the Arizona legislature wants to change recount rules to benefit losers and the wealthy — they’re scared of what a true democracy where everyone can vote may mean for them.

    All told, Republicans have introduced 253 voter suppression bills in 43 states.

    If we don’t start our counter to these attacks right now, they’ll succeed in disenfranchising and suppressing countless voters.