Tevis Anthony Verrett

Tevis Anthony Verrett

Running for the Soul of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 3rd District in 2022.

Meet Tevis Verrett, Husband to Laura, Dad to Kynedi (University of California, Santa Barbara – Foreign Service) & Kaedyn (University of California, Davis – Astronomy/Physics).  Financial Advisor, and Wealth Manager.

Hedge Fund Manager and Chief Investment Officer, Commercial Banker Triumvirate Advisors & Triumvirate Capital Group, Incorporated.

Sr. Federal Loan Officer, Tier III, Department of Forgiveness –  7(a) & 504 Payroll Protection Plan, Office of Capital Access United States Small Business Administration (A temporary appointment to help 500,000 small businesses receive $8 Billion in PPP loans during the pandemic).

Centrist Democrat with progressive leanings (I am my brother’s keeper) & Fiscally Conservative.

Visionary, California Free and Accepted Mason 32nd Degree, Sir Knight in the Order of the Temple, Knights Templar.  I am my brothers keeper.

  • Political Ideology:Centrist Democrat, Fiscal Conservative & Smaller More Responsive Government
  • Religion:Spiritual, Non Denominational
  • Date of Birth:8 January 1963
  • Born In:Pasadena, moved to Pacoima, then Lakeview Terrace where I grew up.
  • Best known as:Leader, visionary, fixer, facilitator, empath, brother's keeper
Tevis Anthony Verrett


Existential Philosophy & Brain Sciences

University of California, Los Angeles


Existential & Stoic disciplines taught me how to look at dilemmas from multiple dimensions. Brain sciences prepared me for medical school.

Medical School

Creighton University School of Medicine


Curiosity of the human condition, study of the machinery of life.

Humanitarian & Charitable Pursuits

VEI, a 501(C)(3) Charitable Agency

Executive Director, counselor and interactive therapist for victims of rape, incest, abuse & other vulnerable populations


Shriner's Hospital, Ancient Arabic Order of the Shrine

Fundraising, loving on the angel children in the charge of the Shrine

(2010 to Present)

I am a Noble in the Shrine (those guys with Fez's on the TV commercials) Our charitable pleasure to raise money for free medical treatment for kids. During Christmas time; run toy drives for the children. On Xmas day, we roll wheelchairs into rooms full of toys. Not a dry eye in this heartfelt and soulful mission.

Life-Builders, a 501(C)(3) Charitable Agency

Financier & Angel

(2017 to Present)

Short Term Treatment Programs, Foster Care & Crisis Intake/Intervention for Runaways, wards of the state, incarcerated juveniles & exceptional children 10-18.

Imagine Compassion: Homelessness & Mental Illness

Executive Director

(2020 to Present)

Short Term Treatment Programs, Let's get Veterans, Children (runaways), and Old Folks off of the street.

Imagine Compassion: Racial & Economic Disparities

Executive Director

(2020 to Present)

Ask yourself the question, "Is There Enough? The Answer: Universal Basic Income for the most vulnerable

Imagine Compassion: Educational Disparities

Executive Director

(2020 to Present)

Ask yourself the question, "Is There Enough? The Answer: We help these kids get an education now, or we pay for their incarceration and children later.


Your World Current Events, Now Happening Around Us

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Attributed to Edmund Burke, including by John F Kennedy in a speech in 1961.