• The soul of Los Angeles . . . is how we treat our most vulnerable!
    Tevis Verrett for LA County Supervisor The soul of Los Angeles . . . is how we treat our most vulnerable!
  • come join me! be the change that you most seek!
    Tevis Verrett for LA County 3rd District come join me! be the change that you most seek!

It is not about my why, and is definitely about your Why!

We are in a pandemic 
We have a racial crisis, we need to be done with the murder of our black and brown brothers and sisters 
We have food & rent insecurity/a homelessness & mental illness crisis in the richest county in the world 
We have an immigration crisis, these are human beings. Note:  we have two borders and only one wall
We have gerrymandering and voter suppression from republican legislatures
We have a LGBTQ discrimination crisis, our brothers and sisters existence is under threat & siege
We have an insurrection by trumplican sycophants that needs to be smoked out. So where to start? 
Roll up your sleeves, be the change!


Every citizen deserves a life where they can earn a wage to support their family.  A life with challenges, and manageable struggle. What we have today is Reagan’s failed, “trickle down theory.”

But it never trickled down.  So people are surviving on unemployment, and social security.

We can do better!


Obamacare was citizen-centric as the Affordable Care Act.

For the first time in history  healthcare was a right of every citizen.

Trump and the Republicans defunded the ACA, and people got sicker.  Some died.

Do not forget that!

We need to do better!

Police Reform

There is a continuing escalation, more crime mongering, gets you more funding. So increasing crime stats, throw more money at it?  That is wrongheaded.

We need to be more efficient in our allocations and spending.  Putting  undereducated police officers in situations that they are ill equipped, has had lethal consequences.  Other cities are experimenting with mental health calls being responded to my mental health professionals.  Go figure!

We can do better.

Foreign policy

The sophistication of a society, is how it treats it’s poor, and vulnerable.  The United States has been the policeman of the world going back to the end of the WWll. So why do we allow vulnerable farmers to be taken advantage of by big industry?

We can and must be better stewards, and help me get to the Supervisors Chair, we can do better.

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I am a product of the public school system.  My boys are a product of the public school system.  As a freemason, we support the public school system. My wife teaches in the public school system.  BUT, public school education is uneven, and is lacking in poorer communities.  Charter schools drain needed public funds.  We need to fix what we have.

We need to be more sensitive to the teachers who educate our children. They are not babysitters.

We need to do better!


Today’s average 50 year old, doesn’t have enough money saved to retire.  Taxed into oblivion, when a spouse dies, it throws the surviving spouse into poverty simply by the change in taxation from ‘married filing jointly’ to ‘single.’ That is right, the same as her 19 year old daughter. With 50 year old income.  How do you think that turns out?

We as government must do better for our citizens.



The last four years of darkness has affected our county, state, and country. See how our policy platform is the way out of that darkness.

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Your Constitutional Right!

Your Constitutional Right!

Click here to register to vote/make sure you are registered!  It is your right!

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Video Education

Video Education

Poignant video tells the story, are we asking the right quesitons? Get educated!  Blue pill or the red pill?

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Our Focus

This is a small taste of what makes your lives painful.

It is the job of your public servant to do his/her level best to help you be your best, live comfortably.

What has your Supervisor done for you lately?  Or your City Council, or State Representative?

Time for a change!

Your Support is Everything!

Come join us as we  fight for Mental Illness & Homelessness, Police Reform,  $1,000 in every mailbox & Student Loan Forgiveness to name a few.  We are the Light, we are the power, we are the movement, we are the Change!

Career politicians sell their souls to the corporate masters  that will keep them in power. They are no longer your servants.  They forget that it is the people, folks like you, that they represent. Get mad!  Your apathy keeps them in office.

Hello, my brothers and sisters, this is Tevis Verrett. And I’m running for LA County Board of Supervisors for the valley in 2022.


I decided to stop shaking my fist at the TV, complaining on Facebook, and get off the couch and into the suck. . .


after the January 6 insurrection that just about ripped our democracy to shreds and smothered our constitutionally lead grand experiment.


My why, if not me then who?


If not now then when?


I grew up here. My dad  after serving his country in the triple nickels airborne squadron  came to CA to escape the jim crow south and found a job a janitor,  and grew it into his own maintenance company. My mom was my touchstone.  Neither of them finished high school. I was the first one in my family to attend college.  My brother went to prison for slinging rock. Same households, my knucleheaded brother,  was just stupid and unfortunate enough to catch a case.


My parents taught me the difference between a need and a want. We went through lean times but for food stamps, never did I go to bed hungry.


Every child deserves that as a minimum.

Because of affirmative action on the 80’s  I  was fortunate enough to attend UCLA.  This changed my trajectory, and my future here in the  city of the angels.

Every child in this city deserves that opportunity.  I want to make that happen for your kids!

I learned the hutzpah, hustle, and mother wit from my dad, on how to be an entrepreneur.  I am currently the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Triumvirate Advisors Group, Inc.

I will bring that business savvy and experience to the office of Supervisor.

Even though I was educated at UCLA, I never felt the weight so heavy of being black as Rodney King was beaten savagely in LVT.

Rodney King was just the first time a lynching was televised.  Even at my current station in life.  I feel the fear, and ‘is today the day that I die? Every time the red and blue lights appear in my rear view mirror.

I have had a sheriffs boot on my back as I lay cuffed on the pavement, and thrown into the back of a cruiser, because my hypereducated and accomplished self was in the wrong neighborhood, or ‘fit the description.’ or the tint on my windows is too dark.

I have watched through the years as Los Angeles has become more dangerous, more divided, and more tribally polarized.

I challenge each and every one of you, let’s endeavor to be our highest angels and better selves.

This movement is not about my why. It is definitely about your why. And finding your voice. And going outside and meeting your neighbor. Seeing people not for the color of their skin, but for the content of their character to realize that we all bleed red.

We are all a community. We are district three which spans  from the uber wealthy areas of Westlake, Hidden Hills, and Woodland Hills,

all the way to Arleta, Pacoima, Sylmar, & Lakeview Terrace, where people are suffering from food and rent and security and are just plain old struggling.

Help is on the way.

Every black, brown, and white neighbor should be able to walk their neighborhood and sleep without fear from police, fear of hunger, fear of the homeless, or whatever else goes bump in the night.

We’re all neighbors. You deserve better.

We are living a pandemic

We have a racial crisis, with brothers and sisters being murdered with impunity.

We have a climate crisis

We have a immigration crisis

We have gerrymandering and voter suppression from republicans

We have a LGBTQ  under siege  and in crisis

We have an insurrection by trumplican sycophants that needs to be smoked out.

This is the pain and darkness. We are the solution. You have a voice. Let’s work to be better,  Let’s be our highest and best selves and bring our community back together.

Be the change.

Each and every one of you deserve better.  Together, we can get there!

My name is Tevis Verrett. I’m running for LA county supervisor. And I am my brother’s keeper.  Please join the movement of light and if moved, bring your voice to the army of light, don’t have the time?  Contribute to our better angels!

Takes moxy to walk a female patient past a wall of jeering, venom spitting evangelicals, as you two walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Been there, done that!

The government has no claim on a woman’s uterus, and should keep their hands off. Roe v Wade is under threat.  Support my candidacy, We are the change!

After January 6th, how can we heal our democracy and get our country back on track?  How to preserve our Constitution and get the GOP to  value and honor it? These core questions are now on the forefront of our minds.  Together we can solve it.  Let’s get into some ‘Good Trouble.’

Homelessness 95%
Universal Basic Income to Every Citizen 90%
Police Reform and Re-education 85%

We are our Brother's Keeper!

Our Upcoming Campaign

Formal Announcement of Candidacy:  February 2022

Primary Election: June 2022

General Election: November 2022

Celebration:  November 2022

Progressive Democratic Alliance

Progressive Democratic Alliance

Los Angeles, CA
14 Mar 2021 07:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Women’s Reproductive Rights Conference

Women’s Reproductive Rights Conference

Santa Monica, CA
30 Jul 2021 09:45 AM - 06:30 PM
Human Rights Conference at the UN

Human Rights Conference at the UN

New York, NY
15 Sep 2021 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Abolish the Jim Crow Filibuster!

Abolish the Jim Crow Filibuster!

Erie, PA
13 Oct 2021 10:45 AM - 08:00 PM


Republicans know the biggest threat to their power are people like you, dear reader. That’s why the chair of the Texas Republican Party has called on the legislature to prioritize voter suppression bills; why the Pennsylvania legislature is considering voter I.D. laws; why the Arizona legislature wants to change recount rules to benefit losers and the wealthy — they’re scared of what a true democracy where everyone can vote may mean for them.

All told, Republicans have introduced 253 voter suppression bills in 43 states.

If we don’t start our counter to these attacks right now, they’ll succeed in disenfranchising and suppressing countless voters.

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Stay informed my brothers and sisters.  Those who refuse to see what is right in front of them. . .

Those who choose to be apathetic. . .

Those who choose to stick their head in the sand.

Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

Churchill paraphrasing Santayana

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